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Observer’s Teaser Trailer Unveiled

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Observer’s Teaser Trailer Unveiled

Another Psychological horror game was unveiled today at E3’s press conference, made by Bloober Games, the studio that made  Layers of Fear, this game was one of the games featured during the PC conference. Observer is a cyberpunk horror game in which players have the ability to hack into the nightmares of people.

Below is a teaser for the game:

“During an Interview, Bloober’s lead game developer Rafal Basaj has stated stated that the main goal in the game was to scare people using the environment rather than visible enemies. The dark thick atmosphere was a must if they wanted to achieve this goal. they also wanted to make it as insane as possible, make a game that would mess with the player’s head as much as to scare the s**t out of them.

The developers have confirmed that the game would see release on PC platforms and also on Xbox One, no mention of a PS4 release has been announced as of yet.”

Full Interview at pressa2join.com

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