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A.O.T. Wings of Freedom Gets a Limited Edition Treasure Box

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A.O.T. Wings of Freedom Gets a Limited Edition Treasure Box

Koei Tecmo Europe announced today the upcoming release of a limited edition Treasure Box for A.O.T. Wings of Freedom, the fast paced action game based on the worldwide anime hit “Attack on Titan”.

Packed with unique and exclusive content the Treasure Box will be available at the same time as the standard edition on 26th August 2016 only for the PlayStation®4 computer entertainment system.

The standard version of the game will be released on the PlayStation®4 computer entertainment system, and Xbox One, the all-in-one games and entertainment system from Microsoft, as well as digitally only on the PlayStation®3 computer entertainment system, PlayStation®Vita handheld system and PC via Steam®.

Watch the “teamwork” video released for A.O.T. Wings of Freedom:

Exclusively available through Centresoft, the A.O.T. Wings of Freedom Treasure Box will include a variety of exciting must-have items! Aside from the A.O.T. Wings of Freedom game, the box contains the Official Scouting Report – an artbook showcasing the range of characters, weapons and environments the game has to offer, as well as an insight into various parts of the game.

A Muffler Towel is also included, featuring a heroic design of Eren, Mikasa and Levi. The three young heroes can also be found featured on 6 Pin Badges, with two different designs for each character, featuring Eren in both his human and titan form, Levi in both heroic stance and in cleaning clothes and Mikasa in two different fighting stances. The list of contents is completed with the Original Game Soundtrack and a digital download code for an alternative special costume for Armin.

Wings of Freedom Treasure Box

Koei Tecmo Europe also announced two different downloadable bonus costumes available to those who pre-order the standard version of A.O.T. Wings of Freedom from select retailers. Specifically, those who purchase from Game will receive the Cleaner’s Weapon and Costume for Eren and Levi, allowing them to show off Levi’s love for cleaning. Pre-ordering from Amazon and Independent Retailers through Centresoft provides players with the Mikasa Festival Costume. Alternatively, those who purchase through the PlayStation®Store will receive a selection of Character Avatars featuring fan-favourites Eren, Levi and Mikasa!

Additionally, Koei Tecmo released a variety of new in-game screenshots, and videos showcasing the game’s main heroes as well as the fearsome Titans that the players will have to overcome. The new trailers focus on the battle system and the use of the Omni-Directional Mobility Gear (ODM), a key piece of equipment within A.O.T. Wings of Freedom. The ODM, which allows its wearers to quickly traverse their environment, will gradually run out of gas.

Not only do gas levels deplete, but the blades used to fight the titans will also wear down. Replacing your gas and blades is an important tactic to ensure you don’t miss out on a great Titan-slaying opportunity! Using the ODM to latch on to Titans, gamers are able to aim at which limb they wish to attack. For the finishing move players will want to aim for the nape of the Titan’s neck, their critical weak spot! Battling these giants can be a daunting task, so up to four playable characters can be recruited to fight as a team, offering different ways to slay the oncoming Titans.

For more information on A.O.T. Wings of Freedom visit it’s official website.

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