Nowhere Prophet

Nowhere Prophet Gets a New Trailer and Greenlight Page

Nowhere Prophet Gets a New Trailer and Greenlight Page

It was announced by Martin, the developer and designer of Nowhere Prophet, a roguelike deck-building game for Desktops (and eventually all other platforms he can get it to), the release of a brand new trailer and launch on Greenlight of Nowhere Prophet.

Check out the Steam Greenlight trailer of Nowhere Prophet, showcasing the games’ features:


Let’s start with the pitch to give you an overview:
In Nowhere Prophet you become the last hope to a band of outcastes. Your goal is lead them across the randomly generated wastelands towards the mystical crypt, a place promising safety and untainted technology. On the way you’ll pick fights with greedy slavers and crazy machines using the turn-based card combat system. But you always have to spend your resources carefully. Will you support your convoy or improve your decks? And can you survive long enough to find your promised land?

So that’s the general spiel. A few extra things: This is a single-player card game. Oddly enough that doesn’t seem obvious so I want to emphasize that. It’s also not F2P or a collectible card game, something people generally assume when they hear cards.

So I hope that gives you a good luck at the basics of the game. Now that’s not really anything interesting yet, right? So let’s chat about who I am and the hows and whys of me making this.


So. Me. That’s always a good place to start. I’m a german indie developer with a bi-racial background (my dad’s from India and that’s going to be relevant in a sec). I’ve been working on games all my life. In fact I still have a box of board games I built as a 6 year old. They’re all shit of course. I’ve since worked on various FPS mods as an amateur and eventually moved into the industry in 2008 before striking out as an indie/freelancer in 2011 with Sharkbomb Studios.

Since I can’t seem to stop working I’m also heavily involved in the German indie game scene, being the co-founder of the Indie Arena community and co-organizer of the Game Culture Club and Talk & Play events in my hometown of Karlsruhe, Germany.


I was inspired to make Nowhere Prophet from two sources. Firstly I love card games but I have an issue with the way digital CCGs are structured: The online nature means that you are always playing against the entire of the players, and so to succeed you need to be constantly at the edge of the meta game. It’s less an exercise in experimentation for most players and more about grinding/buying cards to keep up. At least with physical card games you have your local group and your local meta.

Secondly I’m a big fan of the post-apocalyptic genre but disappointed by it’s repetitiveness. It’s all just a bunch of white guys in leather gear. Even though Fury Road is at the top of my favorite movies, I still feel like the genre has stagnated. It’s all either zombies in US grey cities or brown post-nuclear wastelands. So I looked to my own cultural background for inspiration and decided to build a world that’s suffered a catastrophic event (the collapse of all high tech at once) but that’s clearly non-western.

Nowhere Prophet is set in the far future on the planet Soma. A place that was originally colonized primarily by people from the Indian sub-continent (Remember me mentioning my dad? That’s why. Don’t you feel clever now for paying attention? I hope you do! Because you are!). This gave us a colorful and vibrant world that I believe is unique and yet somehow recognizable – sorta the holy grail of world design, I guess.”

For more information on Nowhere Prophet, visit its official website.

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