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No Man’s Sky Release Date Revealed

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No Man's Sky - Landing Pad

No Man’s Sky Release Date Revealed

For all of you who have been waiting all this time for the ambitious procedural generated space flight adventure game, there is now reason to rejoice. No Man’s Sky finally has a definitive release date, launching this June 21 for both the Playstation 4 and PC via Steam. This highly anticipated title will be launching a day later in Europe except for the UK, which will see release on the 24th. It is great to finally have a finalized release date at this point.


Originally, No Man’s Sky had an ambiguous launch date of sometime in 2015. Quite a bit of speculation surrounded this topic until SCEA and Hello Games announced that the game would be pushed back to sometime this year. With the release of Elite Dangerous and the continued work of Cloud Imperium Games on Star Citizen, we may be seeing a much welcome renaissance of AAA space flight combat games in both an arcade and simulation format. However, Sean Murray’s team at Hello Games is taking the genre in a different direction and this is an exciting prospect.

On top of dropping the simultaneous PC and PS4 release information, a special limited edition was also announced for both platforms. The universal special version comes with the game in a steel case, a 48 page art book and an exclusive comic book (worked on by Dave Gibbons, James Swallow and Angus McKie). This edition comes with some extra in-game perks including an improved ship booster core, a charisma bonus for trading at shops, bonus resources to start and an improved weapon/tool. To wrap up the whole thing, it has a special No Man’s Sky dashboard theme. Only available through iam8bit, pre-ordering or purchasing the PC SKU of the limited edition yields a small-scale metal toy replica of one of the base ships in the game. The PC iteration will only have 10,000 units made in its initial manufacturing run.

SCEA and Hello Games are definitely going all out on this game because they are even having a special dual LP vinyl record release of No Man’s Sky official soundtrack. It is not often that a title gets this sort of treatment, and this may be telling that Sony truly believes that it has a heavy hitting game on its hands. It will be interesting to see how this unique take on the space flight combat formula will pan out. Until then, those hyped for this game will have to wait just a little longer and keep their fingers crossed in hope that greatness waits around the bend.

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