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The Anomaly looking.
The Anomaly looking.

No Man’s Sky: Beyond Releasing Later This Month

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The second massive free expansion update to the limitless sky exploration title, No Man’s Sky: Beyond, has officially received its release date – and it’s right around the corner. Hello Games revealed the release date for the new update which will introduce some big features to the experience, including VR support.

Check out the latest release date teaser for Beyond below:

The Beyond update will continue to expand the ever-growing resurgence of the No Man’s Sky name. Hello Games has stayed dedicated to create a worthwhile experience that lives up to the hype the game saw before its release. Along with the anticipated VR supports, Beyond will also introduce a more expansive multiplayer experience for those who engage with other players online.

“Beyond will contain three major updates rolled into one larger free release. These changes are a mix of features we’ve been dreaming of for a while, and a reaction to how we have seen folks playing since the release of NEXT.” – Sean Murray of Hello Games

No Man’s Sky: Beyond is set to release on August 14, 2019 for all versions of the game on the PS4, Xbox One and PC.

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