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Nintendo Switch Lite Gets Announced for September

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Nintendo Switch Lite Gets Unveiled for September

Nintendo released a trailer for a new version of the Nintendo Switch called Switch Lite. That’s right the new Switch is a Lite version which is exclusively portable and will use the Switch Screen to play games instead of connecting it to the TV. The console is revealed to be $199.99 and is to be released on September 20, 2019.

The new switch doesn’t have any Joy-Con controllers, instead the new Lite console will have the lite be an all-in-one device meaning that there are no separate Joy-Cons but the controllers are attached. The controller even comes with an improved D-pad because of this. This in a way makes the Switch feel like a bigger and better game boy or DS product. Unfortunately you can’t connect the Switch to your television set, so you’ll have to use the Switch’s screen instead.

The screen is a bit smaller being a 5.5-inch screen that is also lighter as a whole. The three new colors for this switch are yellow, gray and turquoise. The Switch Lite also includes a stronger and longer battery life which can last up to 7 hours of play without charge.

The overall downgrade does go to the Switch being able to only play in handheld mode. This includes the exclusion of the HD Rumble, Camera,  and extra Joy-cons, so you’ll have to buy more.

As for a need for a smaller and more portable Switch is probably not needed at this time, it is a welcome addition to the Nintendo device library. A cheaper version of the switch can also mean that more people would be more inclined to buy the lite version in this case. Well if you want a Switch Lite that can’t connect to the TV and just be able to play with your friends, then this console is for you. You have to be careful as some games don’t support handheld mode well.

Check out our report on the Switch’s new announced models here.

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