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The Switch
The Switch

Nintendo – Staying Consistent With Nintendo Online

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Nintendo Switch Online has been a mixed bag since its inception over a year ago. Remember when the console first launch and the online was free? Nintendo started charging us for their online features in September of 2018. Since then Nintendo has given us a library of Nintendo Entertainment System games, varying in quality. They’ve given us a few exclusive deals, for example, the free to play Tetris 99 and even deals allowing us to pair two first-party games for a small discount. Just a few months ago Nintendo finally added Super Nintendo Entertainment System games to the mix, halting the majority’s criticism for a little bit. However not long after that Nintendo announced that games would no longer release on a monthly basis rather, just as Nintendo sees fit.

Nintendo Switch Online still leaves a lot to be desired, first-party titles like Super Smash Brothers Ultimate, Super Mario Party and countless other titles have completely dropped the ball in terms of online play. Extended further, even high caliber third-party titles like Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection, Crash Team Racing, Dragon Quest Builders 2 and others struggle to maintain even basic online play. With Pokemon Sword and Shield getting ready to release in just a few weeks, TechRadar noticed some wording that made it seem like users might have to pay an additional cost to access online features. TechRadar has followed this up with words from Nintendo of America confirming there will be no additional cost to use Pokemon’s online features. The wording in-game is meant to give gamers another way to access Nintendo’s Online subscription service.

This is all good to hear but it would be nice to get some sort of update from Nintendo about next steps to make the service worthwhile and what games will be added. Will you be picking up Pokemon Sword and Shield? How do you feel about Nintendo Switch Online service so far? Let us know and make sure you follow Gaming Instincts on Facebook and Twitter.

Source: Tech Radar

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