Nintendo Reveals New Joy-Con Colors; Arriving in October

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Nintendo took to Twitter to reveal more color variation for their already vast selection of Joy-Con controllers. The new Switch controllers come in a few different colors adding a bit more style to those looking to upgrade to newer controller – or for those with a growing collection of the Joy-Con color wheel.

With four different color in all, the two new pairings come with a different color of Joy-Con each. The first paring shows off the Blue/Neon Yellow collaboration while the second pair is the Neon Purple/Neon Orange set. The two new pairs are expected to release on October 4, 2019.

Players can purchase these two new pairs of Joy-Con controllers for a bundled price of $79.99 whereas buying Joy-Cons separately will cost you $49.99 each. These new color announcements arrive shortly after Nintendo releases the new Switch Lite console along with the new updated original Switch console which improves battery life.

While the new Switch Lite won’t feature detachable Joy-Cons, separate controllers may still be used on the handheld dedicated console.

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