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Nintendo Investing $3 Billion Across Gaming, Infrastructure, and more

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Nintendo held Second Quarter Financial Results and Corporate Management Policy Briefing today, the company made several announcements about future plans. While the company naturally still plans to invest large amounts of money into the Video Game market, several other streams of revenue such as Theme Parks and the opening of new Nintendo Stores.

The company plans to spend $900 million on future game development projects, $450 million in non-gaming entertainment like the upcoming Super Mario film and other video content, and a whopping $2.7 billion toward Nintendo-themed infrastructures such as Theme Parks and new Stores.

The company has also revealed plans for additional video content planned after December 2022 Super Mario film, which is being headlined by Chris Pratt. President of Nintendo Suntaro Furukawa stated, “We will work to build software assets in fields other than games [and] will also work to develop new video content, following on from the Super Mario movie.” This might mean sequels to the film, spin-offs like the rumored Donkey Kong film in which Seth Rogan voices the character, or potential films based on other IPs.

As noted, much of the companies future spending is planned on new infrastructure for the company. Currently, a second Nintendo Store based in Japan is planned, set to open its doors in Osaka sometime in 2022. Universal Studios Japan will also receive a Donkey Kong-themed addition to its Super Nintendo World in 2024. Universal Studios Hollywood is also in the process of adding a Nintendo world, with the Universal Studio’s in Orlando and Singapore soon to follow.

The Switch has also exceeded expectations in sales. As Furukawa said, “The Nintendo Switch business has exceeded our expectations, putting us in a strong cash position in these last few years.”

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