Nightingale Stress Test Set For Next Month

Inflexion Games has announced that it will be holding its previously announced Server Stress Test for the upcoming action RPG Nightingale on February 2, 2024. Players who sign up on Steam will be granted access in waves randomly by Steam’s system. Players who are selected “will enter a tailored version of Nightingale’s early game experience that skips tutorial content and has each Realmwalker equipped with upgraded tools and gear, as well as a variety of recipes unlocked.” Lastly, progress from the stress game will not carry over to the full game. Nightingale will launch on February 22, 2024 in Early Access.


The full details via the developer:

When is the stress test?

Players will start receiving access to download the game at 10:00 am MT on February 2, 2024. Servers will open access to the Realms starting at 11:00 am MT and will close at 2:00 pm Mountain Time.

How will it work?

At 10:00 am MT, we will start granting access to people who signed up on Steam in waves. These players will be selected randomly by Steam’s system.

We will monitor how many people have downloaded the game and will grant access to more batches throughout the test based on various test factors (how many people are active, how servers are faring, etc.).

We recommend that folks download the game as soon as they’re given access, but players granted access before the server live time will not be able to load into a Realm until the servers start at 11:00 am MT. Those granted access after this start time will be able to join the game as soon as their game has finished downloading.

Our goal is for all players who signed up for the test to be able to participate. How quickly that happens will be dependent on how the test progresses.

What will I play during the test?

Players will enter a tailored version of Nightingale’s early game experience that skips tutorial content and has each Realmwalker equipped with upgraded tools and gear, as well as a variety of recipes unlocked (this will be the equivalent to what a Realmwalker can earn approximately 10 hours into a typical playthrough). Players will be able to immediately join and play together with friends in the Realms.

This will be a different experience than what players will encounter when they first enter the Realms on February 22, but we wanted the stress test to offer a few more tools and resources at an earlier stage in the journey to give players more of a taste of what’s to come ahead of our launch later in the month.

No hard limits have been placed on the build so anyone in the Realms can play as long as the servers are online and functional.

We’ll be sharing some gameplay tips and things to look out for, closer to when the test begins.


How will I know I was selected?

Participants will receive an email from Steam, but the quickest way to check is to refresh the Nightingale Steam page periodically after 10:00 am MT on February 2, 2024.


Why are you granting access in waves?

There are two things the team wants to assess during the playtest:

How we handle large amounts of players logging in at the same time

Our ability to rapidly scale up access if there is an influx of players

Doing this in waves means we can test both.

A way to think about it is that instead of turning on a tap at 100% the first time, we’ll be turning it on at 50%, checking for leaks, and all looking well, we’ll see if it handles at full capacity. This way we can check for various bottlenecks throughout the test.

What if something goes wrong during the test?

It is possible that something may go awry during the stress test – and that’s all part of the reason why we’re doing it!

We’ll be posting regular updates on our Official Discord server. If there are any issues with Discord during the test, here are our backup social channels to check:

X/Twitter: playnightingale

Threads: playnightingale

Bluesky: playnightingale

We’ll be opening a Discord forum channel for test feedback, as well as providing a form on Discord for major technical issues shortly before the test is live.

If there are delays in the servers going online, performance issues, or complete server failure, players will be unable to access the Realms, or may experience Travel Errors and Network Errors. This can prevent people from entering a Realm or playing the game at all depending on the scope of the issue.

Whatever happens, it will be valuable data for the team to ensure we’re ready for Early Access launch.


Will my save data/character from the stress test transfer to the launch version?

Unfortunately not. We have critical updates and patches planned for the launch version that aren’t in the parked stress test version and these changes may cause stability issues.

How do I sign up?

Head over to our Steam page and click on “Request Access” before February 2 for the best chance at participating.

What if I sign up after the test starts?

We may grant access to people up to half an hour before the test ends, but it will depend on team availability and the volume of requests. Our goal is to get everyone into the Realms as long as we have the test running, and we don’t experience any technical difficulties.

Can I stream or capture video/screenshots from the stress test?

This test is not under NDA and if you choose to make content about the game based on this test, please ensure that it is explicitly obvious that the footage and impressions are based on the server stress test version and experience.

For those who played in previous playtests, information such as your previous playtesting impressions, non-public game knowledge, or any captured footage (screenshots/video) from those playtests remains prohibited.

Does this test mean that the launch will work smooth like butter?

We wish that we could say with 100% certainty that this was the case, but as we’ve learned from many experiences, nothing is guaranteed. Our team remains very committed to delivering a great first time experience and solving any issues quickly and effectively. We are grateful for your support and understanding in this process! Whatever happens at launch, this test gives our team a chance to remove as many potential issues before that date.

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