Nice Slice

Nice Slice Receives a Major Update

Nice Slice Receives a Major Update

It was announced by Kool2Play, that the sharpest game of the year, Nice Slice has just received a major update. All fans of cutting, slicing and dicing can now put on their pirate hats, eye patches and wooden legs, and prove themselves aboard the pirate ship during the dangerous sea journey. New content will take the players on a marine adventure and equip them with brand new cutlasses and other white arms, that will allow them to cut all the recently hoarded plunder.

Check out the update video of Nice Slice, featuring some gameplay footage of the update:

“Playing below decks is more satisfying than ever. What makes the precise slicing more difficult is now not only the flying time, but also the ship-rocking physics. The veggies are certainly not waiting calmly to be cut. Only the fastest and the most precise will be allowed to fight for the top scores on the new pirate leaderboard.  
Key features:

  • 4 new pirate characters – knives
  • 12 new, unique levels under the deck of the ship
  • 10 completely new items to be cut – everything stolen from merchant vessel 😉
  • changed physics in the game to make the gameplay a bit different 
  • (sways like on the ship)
  • custom stickers set (8 pictures included) for your mobile device [iOS only]
  • new leaderboard dedicated to a new pirates world


Kool2Play sp. z.o.o. is an independent mobile, PC, and console game development studio and game publisher from Warsaw, Poland. We believe everyone deserves to have a little mindful or mindless break from their daily mundane tasks. To drop out from the flow of serious things for a moment and have some fun. We play games to chill out. We make games to let others chill out, too! Positive emotions and absorbing gameplay are the key marks of all titles published by Kool2Play. Our golden rule: “Only make the kind of games you enjoy playing yourself”. “

For mroe information on Nice Slice, visit its Steam page.

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