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Next-Gen Versions of Apex Legends Might Be Out Soon
Next-Gen Versions of Apex Legends Might Be Out Soon

Next-Gen Versions of Apex Legends Might Be Out Soon

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According to new reports, fans of the Battle Royal shooter Apex Legends might not have much longer to wait before they can get a version that takes full advantage of the newest console hardware. These reports have stated that a native PlayStation 5 version of the game has been located on PSN, suggesting that the version is preparing for roll-out soon.

A recent tweet from the PlayStation Game Size Twitter account, which reports findings from all across the PSN database that concern new games, game additions, and file sizes, has suggested that this PlayStation 5 service has been added to the backend of the service and measuring in at 80gb. This is larger than the PlayStation 4 version of the game which is roughly 55gb of data.

We have known that a next-generation version of the game was being developed by Respawn for some time now, with the company speaking openly about it during multiple AMA’s they have held on Reddit. Even if we didn’t know, it would be easy to assume a continuous live-service title such as it would eventually get a version for the current hardware, similar to how Fortnite did before it.

Back in February of last year, it was suggested by Respawn that the aim was to target 120 FPS for the updated version but they were continuing to look at a range of features that allowed for them to achieve the right balance. They spoke about the version later in an AMA in August, being asked about some form of ETA, responding by saying “I WISH I had an update to share but we can’t say anything definitive at the moment. Trust us tho, it’s in the works and we’re excited about it too.”

Industry analyst MauroNL agreed with this finding, stating that he too believed that the next-gen version was most likely close at hand. He went on to state he believed that the PlayStation 5 version would feature 120FPS, booster resolution, and higher graphic fidelity and that the Xbox Series X version would be equivalent.

Respawn has yet to make an official statement on this yet, but there is a chance we will hear from them soon. If the versions are being prepared to go live it is possible the company is targeting February 8th, or that window, which is when Season 12 for Apex Legends is set to release.

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