New Yakuza Title Set to Be Revealed On August 29

An announcement made from Sega has detailed a new press event later next month which will reveal more on the upcoming spin-off Yakuza title. With the recently released Judgment officially available, it seems as though this next installment is poised to take over as the main focus for the series.

The next Yakuza title has already been reported as to starring Yakuza Online’s protagonist, Ichiban Kasuga, and will have a female partner as a co-star in the game. A recent announcement detailed that the female co-star was chosen after a thorough application process as the team landed on Eri Kamataki to take on the role of the female partner.

There’s not much else we know about the game which is why next month’s press conference should help thaw out some of the more interesting details on the game, i.e. where the game takes place, in what period in the Yakuza timeline and other more detailed gameplay mechanics.

Sega will hold the new Yakuza dedicated press conference on August 29, 2019. The new Yakuza title is expected to release exclusively on the PS4.

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