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World of Final Fantasy Trailer Teases Old Favorites

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World of Final Fantasy Trailer Teases Old Favorites

Earlier today, the official Playstation blog posted a new update concerning the upcoming World of Final Fantasy game. Along with adding a small blurb about how the game takes place in the world of Grimoire, the post was accompanied by a few screenshots and a brand new teaser trailer. It shows off some of the aforementioned familiar faces promised which include Cloud, Squall, Lightning, Tidus and quite a few others across the vast Final Fantasy franchise. It is interesting to actually hear how exactly these main characters sound with their dialogue because most of them were not voiced in their respective titles. Squall in particular happens to be the most striking in the ways of voicing considering that most of his dialogue in Final Fantasy VIII consisted of ellipses.

The game trailer also shows some of the monsters from the series’ bestiary like the Cactuar, Tonberry, Behemoth and a few other iconic favorites along with other beings like Moogles and such. These monsters can be collected and utilized to aid the party. It sounds the game shaping to be a fun and jaunty nostalgic ride for anyone who has a lot of familiarity with the franchise.


Even with this new trailer it is hard to know exactly why this game exists. Of course, it is supposed to be a role-playing title meant to cash in on the nostalgia people may have for certain Final Fantasy titles or pivotal moments in said title. However, that quotient had been filled once before. Final Fantasy IX managed to do what World of Final Fantasy is attempting, but also proved to be a unique and unforgettable experience in and of itself. Hopefully, this bright and pleasant looking title does stand on its own, despite cribbing from so many other sources.

World of Final Fantasy is still slated for an October 25 release on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita.

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