Borderlands 3 Vault Hunter Detailed

New Vault Hunters Introduced And Detailed By Gearbox

Fans are more eager than ever to jump into the upcoming Borderlands 3 title this September, and gearbox is giving them proper reasoning to do so. The studio behind the series has released a new gameplay trailer which showcases the newest members of the Vault Hunter legacy, but also provided some background info on each of the four Huners.

You can check out the latest gameplay trailer below:

The first of the new Vault Hunters is Moze. Equipped with a digi-structed mech, Iron Bear, Moze can call in her superior firepower anytime the enemy seems to be getting the better of her. Second is Amara, who’s another of the universes limited Siren’s and utilizes the power of her ethereal fists to pound out enemies.

Third on the list shows us the semi-retired hitman Zane and his ability to summon a digi-clone, along with other gadgets at his disposal. The fourth and final Vault Hunter on the list is the robot FL4K. He is accompanied by one of his loyal pets to keep it company throughout his adventure in seeking out the many vaults.

Another much-needed addition to the game is when players are co-oping through the adventure, each player has their own loot-stream. Players no longer need to worry about partners in play summoning their inner ninja and claiming the best loot for themselves, as each party member receives their own loot. Thank you, Gearbox.

You can read more from the Playstation Blog post about Borderlands 3 here.

Borderlands 3 is looking like a true successor to the original sequel which debuted all the way back in 2012. Bringing back plenty of more guns and weapons, new hunters and new worlds to explore, the original looter-shooter seems like a worthy addition to the coveted Borderlands series.

Borderlands 3 is set to arrive on September 13, 2019 for the PS4, Xbox One and PC.

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