New Valkyrie Class Coming to TERA in its New Update

New Valkyrie Class Coming to TERA in its New Update

It was announced by En Masse Entertainment, a player-driven publisher focused on delivering great games and great service, the release of the new Honorbound update for their long-running, True Action Combat MMORPG TERA, unleashing the powerful new valkyrie character class. Beginning today, TERA players can download and play the Honorbound update, featuring the new valkyrie class.

Check out the launch trailer of the Valkyrie class in TERA, showcasing the new Valkyrie class:

“In order to help new and returning players start their journey on their new valkyries, En Masse is granting all players who log on between April 11 and April 30 a free character slot on the server of their choice. Players can also earn a Valkyrie Rewards Box, containing a series of helpful consumables as well as a level 15 version of the box, simply by reaching level 2 before April 30. These rewards boxes can continue to be opened at specified levels, granting additional rewards to players on their journey to level 65, where they will open their final lockbox containing items and consumables to help them on their max-level adventures.

Developed by Bluehole, TERA is published by En Masse Entertainment in North America.”

For more information on TERA, visit its official website.

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