New Update and Price Drop Released for Vindicta VR

New Update and Price Drop Released for Vindicta VR

It was announced by VR game studio Game Cooks, the release of the first content update, The Hive Update, for its first-person shooter title, Vindicta VR. The Beirut-based indie studio also announced a price drop to $14.99, along with this update, in a move to make the Early Access title more accessible to a wider VR audience.

Check out the update trailer of Vindicta VR, featuring some gameplay footage:

“The Hive Update introduces a new level, entitled THE HIVE that adds tricky puzzles to solve, crazy arena fights and more gameplay time to VINDICTA. In addition, today’s release includes the following:

  • New enemy types: floating alarm detector, flame-thrower and electrified spiders are new kinds of hard-to-defeat enemies.
  • New collectible: A shield that will come in handy in arenas
  • New melee weapon: Drawable swords when you’re out of ammo
  • Optimized enemy AI: enemies will seek you out and follow you. They get increasingly harder to defeat as you progress.


VINDICTA, is a first person shooter game, taking place inside UB Industries a robotics facility that players are tasked to infiltrate and  take down an evil robot army before it takes over the world. Since its launch in Early Access on June 20th, this title has stood out with its unique movement system – based on arm-swinging locomotion, which feels like a natural way of getting around in a VR environment.

Described as belonging in an arcade center, VINDICTA is as fun as arcade shooters can be and beyond – players go from room to room ducking, crawling, hiding and climbing; there is no shortness of movements you can do in this title – which goes to show the importance of range of motion for a good VR experience like VINDICTA.

About Game Cooks:

With the launch of VINDICTA, Game Cooks became the first game developer in the Middle East to release a VR title for the HTC Vive on SteamVR. 

Game Cooks is a game development studio with a passion for creating unique gaming experiences. Founded in 2012 and based out of Beirut, today Game Cooks is focused on creating highly polished and most importantly fun to play VR games for the HTC Vive and all other current and upcoming VR hardware.”

For more information on Vindicta Vr, visit its Steam page.

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