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Mario Tennis ces New Update Now Live
Mario Tennis ces New Update Now Live

New Update For Mario Tennis Aces Now Available

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Mario’s competitive tennis playing spin-off, Mario Tennis Aces, has just received its latest update in version 3.0. The new update is now live and brings with it a new mode, challenge and a new opening cinematic movie to motivate those racket swinging competitors in Mario’s latest sporting endeavor.

You can check out the new opening cinematic from the newest update below:

The new mode introduced in the update is called Ring Shot. Players will utilize precise aiming skills to smash the tennis ball through a series of various sized rings that float along the tennis court. The goal is to churn out the highest score possible with up to four players participating in the competition at once.

Along with Ring Shot comes a new challenge titled Yoshi’s Ring Shot. This limited time challenge has players controlling Yoshi in a cooperative challenge to score as many points in the Ring Shot mode as possible. Players will be rewarded with different colored Yoshis for earning enough points in the challenge. The Yoshi’s Ring Shot challenge is only available until June 1, 2019.

You can check out both the new Ring Shot mode and Yoshi’s Ring Shot challenge in the two video provided below:

Ring Shot

Yoshi’s Ring Shot Challenge

Playable character Kamek has also been recently added to the roster and currently available to those participating in the online tournaments, and will become available to everyone starting after May 1, 2019.

Mario Tennis Aces is available for the Nintendo Switch and the new update 3.0 is out now.

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