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Doctor from Two Point Hospital
Doctor from Two Point Hospital

New Two Point Hospital Expansion ‘Close Encounters’ Releasing Next Week

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Sega and developer Two Point Studios have announced that the upcoming expansion for Two Point Hospital, Close Encounters, will be releasing next week on Steam. The new expansion to the hospital management title will tons of new challenges, new illnesses, new hospitals and much more.

Check out the Close Encounters expansion trailer below:

Players must battle epic “space illnesses” following what appears to be a UFO crash landing. You’ll need to sure citizens and take on special missions tasked with the curing patients infected with various extraterrestrial illnesses, such as Science Friction, Highly ill-Suited and Aller-Gs. Players must also complete special objectives to ensure a properly functioning healthcare system which could then lead to players storming the off-grid military facility – Chasm 24.

Along with all of the new challenges, hospitals and illnesses to uncover, players will also be visited by some interesting space species foreign to Earth. The Close Encounters DLC is the third main DLC for the game with the Bigfoot DLC which added new snowy regions and a Bigfoot related illness to the game, while the second DLC is the Pebberley Island DLC which added over 30 new diseases and a new tropical theme to the game. With three massive DLC’s now planned to be apart of the experience before the release of the game on consoles, we’re hoping future Xbox One, PS4 and Switch versions receive all additional add-ons and updates upon release.

Two Point Hospital – Close Encounters is set to release on August 29, 2019 for the PC via Steam. Two Point Hospital initially released on the PC back in 2018 with follow up console releases on the Switch, PS4 and Xbox One planned for later this year. Players take the reigns of managing and building their very own franchise of hospitals based in the fictional Two Point County universe.

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