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Tales of Arise Protagonist Introduction
Tales of Arise Protagonist Introduction

New Trailer Shows Off Protagonists for Tales of Arise

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Bandai Namco recently unveiled the latest title in the Tales series, Tales of Arise, during last weeks E3 event. During the Tales of Festival 2019, they also revealed the two protagonists for the upcoming title, Alphen and Shionne.

Check out the character introduction trailer for both of the protagonist characters for Tales of Arise below:

Here’s a short description of Alphen via Bandai Namco:

“From planet Dahna. A young man who wears an iron mask and lost both pain and memory. Sparked by his encounter with Shionne, he takes the “Sword of Flame” in hand and throws himself into battle for the freedom of Rena.”

Here’s a short description of Shionne via Bandai Namco:

“From planet Rena. A girl cursed by “Thorns” that cause intense pain to anyone she touches. She joins forces with Alphen for a hidden purpose and battles in rebellion against her own people of Rena.”

While Tales of Arise doesn’t have an exact release date set in place yet, it is expected to arrive in 2020 for the PS4, Xbox One and PC.

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