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New Scalebound Gameplay Revealed

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New Scalebound Gameplay Revealed

For those who have been waiting for some actual gameplay for the much anticipated Scalebound from action game mastermind Hideki Kamiya, today is the day. Right in the middle of the Microsoft media briefing Kamiya himself came on stage to remind us that Scalebound is indeed still happening and it is edgier than ever, featuring some pretty slick third-person action against large beasts in some fairly sizeable environments. This particular gameplay demonstration showed off some of the cooperative multiplayer for the first time looks to shaping up quite well. What is interesting is how the main character can interact with select beasts like dragons, being able to take advantage of their breath weapons and them for platforming. There was a segment of the demo where main character used the tail of a dragon to fling him across and up to a higher ledge. There definitely some interesting ideas being thrown into the mix here.


Just like the first reveal, Scalebound has a fantasy aesthetic about it with its use of swords, bows and arrows being a part of the arsenal and the presence of dragons. Nonetheless there is also a modern vibe to the title with its character design, campy dialogue and choice of music. It will surely be interesting to see how this title pans out. Scalebound will launch sometime in 2017, though no concrete date beyond that was given.

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