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two anime girls and fire
two anime girls and fire

New River City Girls Trailer Shows Off Misako

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Developer WayForward Games has released a brand new trailer for their upcoming side-scrolling beat ’em up title, River City Girls. The latest trailer gives viewers a good look at the tough-as-nails, rowdy heroine, Misako who teams up with her best friend Kyoko in an adventure to save their boyfriends.

Check out the new Misako trailer below:

River City Girls introduces a vintage feel of classic beat ’em ups with the players taking on one of two main female protagonists. The two girls – Kyoko and Misako – will perform heavy-hitting combo techniques and learn new powerful abilities in order to fight their way through the River City universe. The game also tells its narrative through slick comic book designed cut scene panels.

River City Girls is due out on September 5, 2019 for the PS4, Xbox One, Switch and PC.

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