Crytek Real-Time Ray Tracing Demo
Crytek Real-Time Ray Tracing Demo

New Real-Time Ray Tracing From Crytek Unveiled In Tech Demo

Technology in gaming continues to soar as new tech demos show off the future of what we’ll see in our video game experiences. Crytek has recently shared an incredibly detailed demo showcasing the power of real-time ray tracing.

In the demo, we follow a police drone as it makes it’s way through what appears to be an investigation scene in a dark and wet futuristic city setting. The new Cryengine tech used in the Neon Noir demo is fascinating and shows off the advanced version of Total Illumination. Could this be something we see in video games relatively soon?

Check out the jaw-dropping video below:

The natural lighting of bouncing off of wet surfaces is truly stunning and depicts uncanny realism. What’s even more impressive is that Crytek has found a method of utilizing this Total Illumination on most current mainstream AMD and Nvidia GPUs. The future is bright – and incredibly shiny – with demonstrations like this leading the run to next-gen hardware.

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Source: DSOGaming

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