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Blair Witch
Blair Witch

New Quake Game Announced, Will Be Called Quake Champions

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New Quake Game Announced, Will Be Called Quake Champions

During the Bethesda E3 press conference, they announced a brand new Quake game called Quake Champions, along with a CG trailer of the game, based on what it was featured, it looks like its going to be heavily influenced by Quake 3 Arena, which was a competitive single player and multiplayer game where everyone was fighting in arena-style combat in which accuracy, speed and precision were key to be good at the game.

Below is a trailer showcasing the CG trailer of Quake Champions:

As for now, there hasn’t been a mention of gameplay or release date as of yet, however, it is confirmed for release for PS4, Xbox One and PC platforms.

I was a big fan of Quake 3 Arena back in the day, I’m wholeheartedly excited for the prospect of this game, if they managed to nail the solid gameplay and deep customizations of game settings that Quake 3 had back in the day, then this game has a big chance to revive the good old days of competitive arena gameplay that quake 3 was known for.

We’ll keep you posted as more info becomes available for the game.


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