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Plants Vs. Zombies Map Reveal Trailer

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Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare 2Plants Vs. Zombies Map Reveal Trailer

PopCap Games has recently published a brand new trailer for the impending release of Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare 2. In this new teaser treatment we get a closer look at the plethora of maps in settings inspired by various regions from across the globe as well as different seasons and time periods. Given the over-the-top and zany nature of the Plants vs. Zombies universe these maps are crazy caricatures of those motifs.

The first map shown is called Great White North and have a winter theme about it. There is a tree cottage and a huge ice cavern to explore. Is essentially your winter wonderland dream come true. Zen Peak is an East Asian themed map complete with the Great Wall itself, tea houses and pagodas. There is no peace or tranquility to be had here, as there many bridges littered around the stage that enemies can use to hide under for the opportunity to get the jump on you. The trailer then jumps back to prehistoric times with the map Boney Island. This map has the look of a desert canyon peppered with cool rock formations and dinosaur fossils. It looks like there is a network of caves littered throughout the stage making for great spots to ambush the opposition.

Going from the Stone age to the Space Age, the trailer goes full-tilt sci-fi with its map Lunar Landing. This environment looks really interesting, as it comes straight out of Buck Rogers or Flash Gordon with its curvy rocket ship designs. The only thing is that the new wave color palette with vibrant tones on the structures complemented by the neon lighting. It is a neat looking stage, but it is hard to see working well from a strategic perspective. The somewhat redundantly named Sandy Sands is set amid the pyramids of ancient Egypt. It was a great choice to have this environment set against the sunset because it offers some needed contrast to the gold and earth tones of the monuments and shrines. One of the more interesting maps is Colizeum. As the name suggests, it is set in ancient Rome and littered with some great set pieces. The large Colosseum definitely takes center stage, but the sprawling walkways and statues woven throughout the stage gives it a tactical utility and scenic quality. Zomburbia is the map that fills out your Modern Warfare quotient if it was set in stereotypical Transylvania populated by the Universal Studios stable of monsters.

There are a few more maps shown in this reveal trailer, but you pretty much get the big picture at this point. Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare 2 looks to be wonderfully quirky and ludicrous third person shooter tower defense game and send-up to the regions and eras parodied in the map designs. It seems like a weird artistic choice from the outset. However, I suppose that is the point. You may constantly ask “why,” but PopCap Games nonchalantly responds with, “Why not?” Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare 2 is currently set to release on February 23 for the Xbox One, Playstation 4 and PC.

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