Phantom Thieves from Atlus' Persona 5 Royal

New Persona 5 Royal Video ‘Morgana’s Report #5’ Released

Atlus hasn’t been slowing down the hype train for the upcoming massive expansion to 2017’s Persona 5, Persona 5 Royal, as they have released the fifth video in their detail series, Morgana’s Report. Morgana’s Report #5 shows off a variety of new features for the expansion, including what new aspects are introduced in the daily life and what to expect this time around form the Velvet Room.

Check out the new Morgana’s Report #5 video below:

Some of the new features for Joker and his crew of Phantom Thieves include the daily life of enjoying your time with your classmates outside of stealing the hearts of corrupt adults. Along with various new activities, there will also be additional event, such as vacations and school trips to experience along the way.

Players may now receive phone calls from various friends and confidants in order to deepen bonds. There will also be new spots in Nakano and Shinagawa for players to hang out with these friends which could include seeing new sides of your friendships. Players will also seem more useful Confidant abilities to make the friendship more worth your while.

Now on to the Velvet room side of things, an all-new ‘Fusion Alarm’ will ring occasionally which allows players to create more powerful Personas at specific times. Burning incense is also now an option within the Velvet Room which allows for strengthening your Personas at a higher level, as well as the new ‘Challenge Battle’ feature.

Also, Joker will now be able to take the Twins of the Velvet Room out into what’s referred to as a ‘Special Prison’. And one last main new feature is known as the ‘Show Time’ ability which appears to be unlocked near the end of the game.

There seems to be plenty of new features and content loaded into the Royal edition of the already riveting Persona 5 title. along with all of these new features, players will also experience the third semester of the school year, recruit a new Phantom Thief, new Confidants and locations to explore. Persona 5 Royal seems like a must-play for both veterans and newcomers alike.

Persona 5 Royal is set to release in Japan on October 31, 2019 and in the spring of 2020 in the west exclusively on the PS4.

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