Persona 5 Royal Atlus FAQ Sheet

New Persona 5 Royal FAQ Details DLC, Save Data Functionality And More

With Persona 5 Royal Atlus is changing numerous features and elements within the original Persona 5 title from the very beginning of the story. There’s an added third semester and a new Phantom Thief to recruit, along with many new changes that take place throughout the enduring story that weren’t present in the standard Persona 5 experience.

These added new features are the reason why Atlus is releasing Persona 5 Royal as a standalone expansion rather than a more traditional DLC or add-on. Atlus has recently released a FAQ sheet answering a few concerning questions fans may have regarding how save data carries over, how purchased DLC will be affect along with a few other bits of information.

The FAQ sheet explains that since Royal is a new and different experience from the original that transferring saved data and progress from the original Persona 5 aren’t possible. However, a few bonuses will be handed out at the beginning of your Royal adventure if you happen to have save data from Persona 5 on your PS4 or in the cloud from the PS3 version.

It goes on to answer a question regarding other platforms considered for release and explains there’s no current plans for Persona 5 to release on any other systems aside from the PS4. It’s also noted that there will be bonus items handed out from specific retailers upon the game’s release (most likely pre-order bonuses) and will update fans once the details are ready.

Lastly, the FAQ sheet makes a note of already purchased DLC for Persona 5 and explains that “due to commercial reasons” users will have to re-purchase their DLC items at a low price of “one content for 10 yen.”

Persona 5 Royal is due out in Japan on October 31, 2019 and in the west sometime in 2020 exclusively for the PS4.

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