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New Mirror’s Edge Catalyst Announcement Imminent

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Mirror's Edge Catalyst Faith

New Mirror’s Edge Catalyst Announcement Imminent

Publisher Electronic Art and developer DICE have dropped a mysterious update via the official Mirror’s Edge Twitter. Without hinting at what this announcement, this post simply urges eager fans to “stay alert this week.” This announcement tease was met with a great deal of concern from gamers who are worried that Mirror’s Edge Catalyst may possibly be suffering from another delay. This reboot of the original was originally going to see release on the 23rd of this month before being delayed for reasons unknown.

EA DICE ME-C Twitter Tease

This is not the first roadblock that Mirror’s Edge Catalyst has faced since the project first began. Simply dubbed Mirror’s Edge 2 by fans, this proof-of-concept prototype was being worked on by a relative small team at DICE into 2011. This build was shown to the higher-ups at EA and it was declined or rejected outright. Soon afterwards, production on the sequel officially ceased and the development team was reassigned to other duties. EA was putting all of its support behind the then upcoming high-profile title Battlefield 3 at the time and this is most likely where that development talent went.

Mirror's Edge Catalyst Pre-Alpha Screen

A still taken from a pre-alpha build of the next Mirror’s Edge.

The outcry from the steadily growing Mirror’s Edge fan base must have had an impact because EA issued a followup press release assuring fans that both companies were not forsaking the new intellectual property. Interested members of the gaming community had wait for a long time, but the moment of validation finally came when Mirror’s Edge Catalyst was officially revealed at E3 2013.

Even with development on Catalyst in full swing, the release date ended up being pushed back by roughly three months. It is easy to see why folks are worried about this game’s status when understanding its tumultuous development history. However, EA and DICE are reassuring everyone that Faith’s new outing will launch on May 24, 2016. One can only speculate on what will be shown concerning this anticipated reboot with the new announcement.

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