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Metal Slugs Tactics
Metal Slugs Tactics

New Metal Slug Tactical RPG Announced

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A Metal Slug is back with its first game in 11 years, and this one will be a change from what longtime franchise might expect. Metal Slug Tactics is a Tactical RPG set in the Metal Slug universe. If you are a fan of Final Fantasy Tactics and Metal Slug, and ever wondered what it would be like if they had a baby, this is for you.

Announced as Part of the Summer Games Fest Live! showing, hosted by Geoff Keighley, with a quick and quirk trailer that should put players at ease. Returning is the old-school, pixel art, and models that have appeared throughout the franchise’s history. They now appear on small grid maps in which characters shoot, throw grenades, or hop in signature Metal Slug vehicles to dispatch their enemies.

Characters from the franchise’s history are also set to return as part of your RPG-style party. These playable party members include Marco, Eri, Fio, and Tarma. It remains to be seen if or how they might vary in combat.

The game will also feature roguelite elements. According to Dotamu:

Metal Slug Tactics’ challenging missions build levels from different combinations of hand-crafted terrain tiles, keeping battle layouts unpredictable and ensuring clashes are won through calculated strategy rather than memorization. Roguelite elements make missions highly replayable and victories feel truly earned, but should a cunning squad or fiendish boss persevere, rounds are quick to jump back into.

A list of features present in the game include:

  • Experience huge replayability with procedurally generated missions layout
  • Enjoy amazing pixel-art graphics respectful of the series
  • Face challenging die and retry mechanics with your squad
  • Challenge iconic bosses from the METAL SLUG series
  •  Choose between iconic brothers-in-arms to create the perfect team
  • Find the best combos to beat your enemies in epic battles

The game has no release date as of yet, however, it looks to be accommodating of both new and old players alike.

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