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The King of Fighters XIV
The King of Fighters XIV

New The King of Fighters XIV Team Trailer: Villains Team

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New The King of Fighters XIV Team Trailer: Villains Team

The King of Fighters XIV has released its latest team trailer, featuring the most destructive and evil team descending into the arena… team “Villains” joins the tournament!  Xanadu, Chang Koehan & Choi Bounge join the battle to become THE KING OF FIGHTERS in this exclusive Playstation 4 title.

Check out the “Villains” team trailer, featuring Xanadu, Chang Koehan & Choi Bounge moves in the game:

This legendary criminal is currently imprisoned in an underground jail. He has ideas and concepts that are hard to understand for the average person. Xanadu is considered the “King of the Underground” by the other prisoners. Will he bring back Chang and Choi to their dark days again?

Once a feared and violent criminal, the two-meter-and-more-tall Chang battles with an enormous iron ball he spins like a tennis ball. Chang trained hard in the past in tae kwon do while under Kim’s “Rehabilitation Project”, but now he has teamed up with Xanadu.

A butcher by day, Choi was once feared as a ripper during the night. Choi gives his opponents a hard time thanks to his super speed and claw attacks. One day by chance, he came across Kim during one of his nightly walks, and was then forced to join his “Rehabilitation Project”. With his rehabilitation program over, Choi has teamed up with Xanadu.

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Stay tuned for more exciting character / team videos in the following weeks!”

The King of Fighters XIV will be released on August 26th 2016 exclusively for Playstation 4.

For more information on The King of Fighters XIV, visit its official website.

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