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New Gears 5 Trailer Shows Off Multiplayer ‘Arcade’ Mode

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With The Coalition’s upcoming release of Gears 5 set to hit in just a couple of months, the team is beginning a ‘Tech Test’ phase in the coming weeks. Players can simply download the upcoming tech test later this week and begin testing the waters as early as this coming Friday.

To help create more hype for the upcoming Tech Test a new trailer has been released giving viewers a look at the newest multiplayer mode in the Gears 5 multiplayer universe – Arcade Mode.

Check out the new Versus Tech Test trailer below:

The unique thing about Arcade mode is players choose who they want to play as based on the skills and different combat style that character is accompanied with. Each character caters to different play styles creating a much more unique multiplayer experience. Also, in Arcade mode players upgrade and enhance their firepower with every kill they achieve.

The multiplayer Tech Test period will be available to download stating on July 17, 2019 for both the PC and Xbox One. Players can hop into the testing phase starting on July 19-22 and July 26-29, 2019. Gears 5 is set to release on September 10, 2019 for the Xbox One and PC.

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