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Dan Fortesque from the MediEvil game
Dan Fortesque from the MediEvil game

New Gameplay Footage Shows Off Upcoming MediEvil Remake

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During this year’s Game XP event, new live off-screen footage shows off more gameplay of the upcoming Sony title, MediEvil Remake. We get to see a few different clips from the anticipated cult hit remake which is scheduled to release this coming October exclusively on the PS4.

Check out the new gameplay footage from Voxel below:

Players will take back the role of the one-eyed, no jawed cowardly skeleton knight, Sir Daniel Fortesque. After being accidentally summoned from the dead by the evil Zarok who’s awaken his own undead army, Fortesque trots his way through tons of fantasy lands throughout the world of Gallowmere. Receiving help from many of Fortesque’s old allies, players will unlock plenty of new weapons and items as they make their way through the relentless undead army.

MediEvil Remake is slated to release on October 25, 2019 exclusively on the PS4.

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Source: ResetEra

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