Catherine Full Body English Gameplay Footage

New Gameplay Footage Shows Off Catherine: Full Body In English

The remaster of Atlus’ Catherine title is set to hit the west this coming September, included with all-new features and polished visuals. IGN has recently shared a preview of the game giving the western audience the first look at the English-dubbed version of the game, showing off both social interactions in the game and the tower climbing puzzles.

Check out both preview video from IGN below:

Catherine: Full Body is much more than a simple remaster of the original Catherine title from 2011. The Full Body version includes not only enhanced visuals, gameplay and audio, but new songs, a brand-new story arc featuring the newest character added to the game – Rin, new cinematics, and the all-new “Arrange Mode” adds tons of new puzzle levels to the game.

And for those familiar with the voices form the original, Catherine: Full Body will feature the original voice cast returning for the new branching story paths and cut-scenes added to the story.

Catherine: Full Body is set to release for the western audiences on September 3, 2019 for the PS4 and Vita.

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Source: IGN

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