New Gameplay Footage of Biomutant Shows Off Character Customization, Combat and More

Some exciting gameplay footage has surfaced for THQ Nordic’s upcoming open world action-RPG, Biomutant, showing off plenty of features arriving in the game. The video footage provides some first-hand details in the character customization, gives a good look at the game’s combat and a few looks at random exploration embedded in the game.

Check out the 30-minute gameplay demostration courtesy of GamersPrey below:

Biomutant has largely stayed out of the spotlight recently with very little information being released on the game. It was revealed last week that THQ Nordic will have two different special editions of the game upon release though no release date has yet been nailed down, though recent rumors have pointed towards a March 2020 launch along with an unconfirmed Switch release.

So far, Biomutant is currently set to release on the PS4, Xbox One and PC.

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