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Nintendo Shows New Gameplay Footage of Super Mario Odyssey

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Nintendo Shows New Gameplay Footage of Mario Odyssey

Nintendo revealed during its Nintendo Direct video presentation on September 13th, new gameplay footage for their upcoming game Super Mario Odyssey for the Nintendo Switch.

Check out the gameplay video of Super Mario Odyssey, featuring some gameplay footage:

“The Nintendo Direct segment highlights more of this incredible expansive world, Mario’s new friend Cappy, Super Mario Odyssey amiibo, Snapshot Mode, and so much more!

Team up with Cappy!

Mario isn’t alone in his quest to track down Bowser – he’s got a new friend in the form of Cappy, a mysterious character from the Cap Kingdom who’s transformed himself into Mario’s trademark red cap.

Use Cappy to take out enemies or to jump higher. Mario can even harness Cappy’s powers to capture enemies, including Goombas and Chain Chomps, as well as power lines, taxis, and…a T-Rex?!

Get the bundle

Play at home or on the go with the Nintendo Switch Super Mario Odyssey Edition bundle. This special package includes the Nintendo Switch console, a download code for the full Super Mario Odyssey game, and lots of extras to help you get started.”

Super Mario Odyssey Amiibo

During the video presentation Nintendo revealed the Super Mario Odyssey Wedding Outfit Amiibo figurines that will grant various bonuses in-game depending on which one is being scanned.

For more information on Super Mario Odyssey, visit its official website.

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