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Cuphead Update For PC and Xbox
Cuphead Update For PC and Xbox

New Free Update Adds New Content For Cuphead On PC And Xbox One

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With Studio MDHR’s challenging platformer, Cuphead, making its way over to the hybrid Switch console, it seems they’re keen on keeping all versions of the game in line with the next. While the newer version on the Switch release features these new changes, the PC and Xbox One patch looks to add them to the base game free of charge.

The biggest new feature added in the new update is the addition of Mugman as a playable character for player one. While Mugman isn’t exactly new to the game, he was intially only available to the second player – leaving him absent from anyone tackling the game solo.

Secondly, new animations and art have been added to Cuphead which will be noticed in the cutscenes as well as various gameplay elements that take place throughout the game. Also, international players are treated with some localization patches that now includes languages for the game in French, Italian, German, European Spanish, Latin Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, Polish, Russian, Japanese, Korean, and Simplified Chinese. That’s a lot of localization.

The new update is out now, as well as the debut on the Switch console. Enjoy the run-‘n’-gun fever now as either Cuphead or Mugman. Stay tuned, as more Cuphead news is bound to be on the way as we await the new DLC “The Delicious Last Course” which is expect to release later this year.

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