Persona 5 Royal New Clip Shows Kichijoji
Persona 5 Royal New Clip Shows Kichijoji

New Footage Shows Off Kichijoji Location For Persona 5 Royal

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Atlus has unveiled a new short video clip for Persona 5 Royal which gives us a quick introduction of one of the new locations, Kichijoji. The short clip displays the game’s protagonist Joker, close friend and Shujin Academy rebel Ryuji, and the talking cat character Morgana as they exchange dialogue during their first visit to the new bustling location.

Check out the tweet that features the new video clip below:

Though the video clip is in part of the Japanese version of the game, there’s a quick translation of the dialogue which may be found below:

“Morgana: So this is Kichijoji, huh?
Morgana: Hmm… Because it has the arcade-y ambiance to it, it‘s completely different from Shibuya.
Ryuji: You’re right! It’s somehow a neighborhood you don’t just normally go to, so walking here alone gets you really excited, don’t you think?
Joker: “Seems like fun.” and “Let’s hurry up and go to the Darts bar.”
Morgana: Yeah! Let’s hurry and show them our incomparable darts handling skills!”

While we’ve already learned that the new location will offer up plenty of other activities, such as Darts and Billiards, the in-game date in the video clip shows June 5 which is relatively early on in the game. This means that the new Royal expansion includes not only the previously unplayable third semester of the game, but adjusts the entire experience throughout the original story as well.

We also recently saw two other video clips of both new Phantom Thief Kasumi and new Confidant Takuto last week.

Persona 5 Royal is scheduled to release on October 31, 2019 in Japan while the western version of the game will release in 2020.

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