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Crackdown 3 New Flying High Update
Crackdown 3 New Flying High Update

New “Flying High” Campaign Update Lands on Crackdown 3 For Free

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Microsoft announced a brand-new update heading over to the single-player portion of Crackdown 3. The new update will bring over new content to the Campaign mode, including new modes of attack, gadgets and elemental weapons.

Check out the trailer for the new “Flying High” update below:

The biggest new addition to your arsenal is the agile Agency Wingsuit. The wingsuit allows players to soar over Providence, as well as compete in new side objectives littered across the map. Players will also find new elemental-charged melee weapons – like a shock hammer or a frost axe – added to their arsenal for what seems like an over-the-top fantasy RPG crossover for the game. Interesting.

Along with the new weapons and wingsuit also comes a few more gadgets to play around with. Clusterduck grenades (cluster grenades shaped like rubber ducks), the ability to call in air strike or signal for civilian militia reinforcements to create even more mayhem. There’s plenty to enjoy with this new update.

While Crackdown 3 saw underwhelming reviews across the board upon its highly-anticipated release, it’s good to see Microsoft continue to support the game, even months after release. The game’s Campaign portion was received considerably better when compared to the poor attempt at multiplayer, so seeing the single-player mode still seeing new features is certainly exciting.

Crackdown 3 is currently available for PC and Xbox One with the new Flying High update now available for download for free.

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