New Fire Emblem: Three Houses Trailer Gives a Glimpse at The Officers Academy

Nintendo released another new trailer today for the upcoming Switch release, Fire Emblem: Three Houses. The latest sneak peak gives fans a glimpse at the Officers Academy, which is where the Garreg Mach Monestary is located, where you’ll teach your students, bond with them and where you’ll make plenty of preparations for your next incoming battles.

Check out he new Officers Academy trailer below:

Three Houses is becoming one of the most anticipated releases for the hybrid console this year. With its release now right around the corner next week, Nintendo has been on a non-stop onslaught of detail releases and preview looks at gameplay and other mechanics.

We’ve seen a flurry of character introductions over the course of the last few months, a few in-depth previews covering various elements in the game and a some gameplay snippets to keep fans eager for the release. There’s plenty excitement around Three Houses form long-time Fire Emblem fans as it’s the first home console release in the series since 2007’s Radiant Dawn on the Wii.

Fire Emblem: Three Houses is set to release on July 26, 2019 exclusively for the Switch.

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