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New Final Fantasy VII Trailer + Ghost Recon Breakpoint Announced – Primal Newscast #7

Welcome to The Primal Newscast where Gaming Instincts goes over the hottest and most interesting news of the week that took place in the gaming industry.

New Switch Titles Announced And Rumored

This week was packed with a few new Switch announcements as well as a few likely rumors. First off, Capcom announced that their demon slaying action game, Devil May Cry, will be making its way over to the Nintendo hybrid console. While so far we’ve only received confirmation of the original title in the series is making its way over this summer, we’ll be keeping our eyes out for confirmation of at least the second and third installments to make their way over to the Switch to complete the trilogy set.

We’ve also received a leak earlier in the week in which the Canadian region of EB Games listed two THQ Nordic titles, Darksiders II Deathinitive Edition as well as the currently unreleased Biomutant, up for pre-order – though there has been no official confirmation of either title making its way over to the Switch. Darksiders II is set for an August 30, 2019 release according to the website, while Biomutant – which still has yet to receive an official release all together – showed a March 30, 2020 release date. Stay tuned for further confirmation regarding both of these leaks.

Code Vein Early Network Test Confirmed

Bandai Namco has opened up applications for an early Network Test period of their upcoming Souls-like action RPG, Code Vein. The network test is is live for anyone to sign up now, but only has limited space available. Participating players will have the opportunity of experiencing the opening portion of the game, create their own character and try out the online co-op feature. There’s no current release date for Code Vein, though after numerous previews going live this week and now an exclusive network test, it’s safe to say we may be getting close to a release date announcement from Bandai Namco.

Battlefield V Private Games Confirmed

Battlefield V has been slowly regaining a bit of momentum since the release of their battle royale mode, Firestorm. To keep that momentum continuing, EA Dice has confirmed the existence of Private Games, or previously known as Rented Server Program which appeared in previous Battlefield entries. The Private Games features will allow players to create their own server room with a plethora of free tools to customize your experience to your liking. The new feature is expected to roll out this summer with development to continue enhancing the service later down the line.

Ghost Recon Breakpoint Announced

Ubisoft revealed their next Ghost Recon title to succeed Wildlands, and it’s called Ghost Recon Breakpoint. Breakpoint will take players back to the open world environment in a new tropical Pacific island setting, Auroa. Taken over by elite rogue soldiers, Auroa threatens players in a diverse setting fully realized with plenty of new features. While fans can expect the same tactical gameplay that comes standard in the Ghost Recon series, Breakpoint also offers the ability to switch between one of four character classes, allows for environmental tactics like blending into your surroundings and game changing injuries to the player. There was some impressive gameplay footage also shown off for Breakpoint giving fans a taste of what to expect. Ghost Recon Breakpoint is set to release on October 4, 2019.

Sony State of Play Episode 2

Sony unveiled their second episode in their State of Play series giving fans a quick look at what’s on the horizon for the PlayStation brand. The new episode opened up with a debut look at the upcoming expansion to Monster Hunter World – Iceborne. We saw some footage of the new snow-packed location, laid eyes on the new dragon monster Velkhana, and received a official release date of September 6, 2019 for the massive DLC. Fans also received new gameplay footage of the upcoming Sony classic, MediEvil Remake which also gave us a release date of October 25, 2019.

Lastly, fans were finally treated to new footage of the highly-anticipated Final Fantasy VII Remake. Many fans have been worried about this gem due to the silence that’s surrounded the title since its announcement, but after seeing the footage it seems like things are moving forward in a positive manner. We were also given a hint that more news about the remake would follow in June, most likely during the Square Enix press event at E3.

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