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Characters from the upcoming Final Fantasy VII Remake title
Characters from the upcoming Final Fantasy VII Remake title

New Final Fantasy VII Remake Gameplay Revealed

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Square Enix had a big sowing at this year’s Tokyo Game Show and plenty various publications were able to get their hands on easily their most anticipated release, Final Fantasy VII Remake. The new footage has littered the web from all angles of the industry, showing off just how brilliant the new remake is shaping up to be.

You can check out some exclusive gameplay footage for the game from Game Informer below:

Square also released a new trailer for the game earlier this week which shows off plenty of new features and exciting content for the upcoming release.

There’s been plenty of hype surrounding the upcoming remake of the classic and iconic JRPG title from the original PlayStation. With the official gameplay reveal during this year’s E3 conference in June, fans are now more anxious than ever to get their hands on the new reimagining.

What also came with the gameplay reveal during E3 was also the release date of the first part in what has been described as a multi-part release for the game. Many fans are still eager to know when they’ll be able to finish the entire saga of the Final Fantasy VII story, but so far it seem just the first episode alone will last about as long as a standard numbered Final Fantasy entry.

Right now, players may pre-order the game with a variety of bonuses in tact which you can view below along with a brief description of the game via the Amazon page:

Pre order now to get the chocobo Chick Summon materia DLC.

A spectacular reimagining of one of the most visionary games ever, final Fantasy VII remake rebuilds and expands the legendary RPG for today. The first entry in a multi part saga, delivering a level of depth inconceivable for the original. Mind blowing story, unforgettable characters, epic battles and technical Excellence collide.

The world has Fallen under the control of the shinra electric power company, a shadowy Corporation controlling the planet’s very life force as mako energy. In the sprawling city of midgar, an anti shinra organization calling themselves Avalanche have stepped up their resistance. Cloud strife, a former member of shinra’s Elite soldier unit now turned mercenary, lends his aid to the group, unaware of the epic consequences that await him.

Square Enix revealed that the first part of the remake will release on March 3, 2020 on the PS4, though there has been some speculation other platforms may be included later down the line. With a long window for the the entire saga planned, it wouldn’t be surprising to at least see the game hit the next-gen PlayStation console in the future.

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