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Google Stadia artwork
Google Stadia artwork

New Features Coming to Google Stadia in 2020

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9to5Google, a media outlet focused on breaking news about Google and its assets, has revealed some features coming to the criticized Google Stadia throughout 2020.

The first feature the source revealed is the Wireless Stadia Controller for mobile and desktop. In its current state, Google Stadia relies on a wired controller for gamers to perform their tasks on all devices except the Chromecast Ultra—which does allow for wireless connectivity. However, sometime in 2020, Google will make their controller usable in a wireless fashion on other mobile devices and desktop computers.

Next, 9to5Google revealed that “Feature Parity” with Google Stadia will also be expanded in 2020. Assets such as screen/clip capture and the ability to respond in voice chats will likely be extended for utilization on the controller, mobile, and web. Moreover, Assistant will be expanded beyond the streaming dongle, and achievements will be made available on mobile devices.

In addition, Google will be improving Stadia’s Android TV compatibility with the release of Android 11 in 2020. Furthermore, Google is looking to make enhancements to the Stadia Store, such as adding a search feature, the ability to pre-order titles, and play demos of games before their release when wanting to make a decision on whether or not to play the full title. Demos would also allow users to test the Stadia platform on their home network for free, as mentioned by 9to5Google.

One of the most fundamental improvements Google is looking to bring to Stadia in 2020 is giving users the ability to outright purchase their games. Currently, gamers can only purchase a USD $129 buy-in is required to use all of the Stadia’s features, including streaming its available games. However, sometimes in 2020, Google will be introducing Stadia Base and Monthly Pro subscriptions.

According to 9to5Google, Stadia Base is expected to come in 2020 with a subscription fee of USD $9.99 that provides 4K quality, a free game every month, discounts, and allows users to purchase their games outright (excluding the free monthly title).

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