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New Far Cry Primal Trailer Boasts Gameplay Possibilities

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Far Cry Primal LogoNew Far Cry Primal Trailer Boasts Gameplay Possibilities

Ubisoft Montreal is teasing a great deal of gameplay avenues with its upcoming first person action adventure game Far Cry Primal. For its latest video featurette light is shed on the crafting system, the game’s overall goal and the adversaries that the player will have to contend with in this prehistoric world. There is quite a bit of information to decipher from this trailer. Here it is the full trailer:

This title’s story is set in the year 10,000 BC in the Mesolithic period after the great ice age. Taking on the role of Takkar, the player must help protect his tribe against preditory animals and other warring tribes to ensure its survival and prosperity. Takkar is special in the sense that he is able to tame certain animals and can, at times, assert his will onto them. He even has a trained owl that can be utilized for reconnaissance and one-off stealth kills. These tamed beasts can also be mounted and ridden, thus filling out the vehicular needs for traversing vast stretches of terrain quickly.

In the trailer a few weapon types are shown. The video specifies that Takkar can use clubs and spears as well as a bow for shooting arrows. There are shots that show melee kills being executed with a knife, but this be the Far Cry Primal analogue for the combat knife or machete in other Far Cry titles. This also footage of using a double bow and arrow, which is simply firing two arrows from one bow. It is an interesting concept, but there is a reason why archers do not try this sort of technique. It is an inaccurate technique, but it could perhaps be Far Cry Primal’s equivalent to a shotgun.

Takkar can also augment select projectile weapons with fire that can ignite enemies on contact. The team at Ubisoft has even found a way to implement items that kind work in a similar vein as grenades, but they yield different effects. One of these items contains a swarm of disgruntled bees and the other spews poisonous gas that can incapacitate enemies.

There are quite a few more details to be uncovered in the ways of the human opposition in the game, but notion of being able to do all of this while roaming the prehistoric landscape looks incredible on its own. This is not to say that this is a proper substitute for the ill-fated Xbox game B.C. from Lionhead and Intrepid, but it is possibly the closest thing to it we will get. Far Cry Primal is slated to be unleashed toward the end of the month on February 23 for the Xbox One, Playstation 4 and PC.


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