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Player trying out the "NewExperience" for the Switch from Nintendo
Player trying out the "NewExperience" for the Switch from Nintendo

“New Experience” Teased for the Switch by Nintendo, Reveal Set for Next Week

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Nintendo has teased fans with a new experience incoming for the Switch which is set to be revealed next week. The tease came from a new video via the veteran game company which shows off a few new hardware adaptions which work with the Switch’s Joy-Con controllers.

Check out the new tease video below:

The teaser video shows a variety of groups trying out the new hardware form all over the world. The new peripherals is a large circular object which looks almost like a steering wheel, as well as a strap which attaches to the player’s leg. At first, it seems as though this is a work-out related piece of equipment similar to the incredibly successful Wii Fit. However, there seems to be some interesting gameplay mechanics going on off screen which could signal something more than just a work out related software.

The interpretation at first glance seems likely a aerobics style game, but the “party style” look from the video seems a bit strange for a work out game. It may be more of a mini-game style experience for groups of people to enjoy together which also incorporates a work out aesthetic to help players both get fit and have fun at the same time.

Of course, we also see some players enjoying the new experience alone, so it seems as though the new software isn’t just for groups or parties.

Regardless, it seems rather interesting and right up Nintendo’s ally. Their most recent peripheral accessory is the controversial Labo VR which some claim to be insanely addictive and fun, while others find it hard to fork over money for essentially cardboard.

I guess we’ll just have to wait and see what Nintendo is teasing as the official reveal is set for September 12, 2019. In other news, Nintendo also revealed tons of new game announcements and release dates during their extensive Nintendo Direct earlier this week, showing that the Switch doesn’t plan on slowing down anytime soon.

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