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Borderlands 3 New Twitch Extension
Borderlands 3 New Twitch Extension

New Echocast Twitch Extension Allows Viewers To Scope Out Streamer’s Loot

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2K Games and Gearbox Software have unveiled their new Twitch extension which actually seems to accomplish a pretty impressive task for Borderlands 3 Twitch users. While future streamers of the iconic looter shooter are busy playing through the game, viewers will be able to sort through their loot without bombarding the streamer with questions about their loadout, inventory and skills in the skill tree.

Named The Echocast, this allows viewers to simply click on specific items or weapons from the streamer’s inventory which will reveal all of the stats normally displayed in the game. Even more interesting is viewers will also be able interact with special loot chests when a streamer stumbles across one which activates a timed event. After a specific time has elapsed, one participating viewer will then be selected to receive a selected piece of loot form the chest and will be transferred to their game.

Check out the Echocast reveal video below:

The new Echocast extension will debut on Twitch on May 1, 2019 which is the same day Gearbox will be showing off the debut of Borderlands 3 gameplay. However, a short gameplay clip of the game was leaked prematurely, but only showed off less than half a minute’s worth of footage.

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