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New E3 Horizon Zero Dawn Gameplay

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New E3 Horizon Zero Dawn Gameplay

“The masters of the new world are machines.” With just that bit of expository text and its somber delivery it was clear that Guerilla Games, the Studio behind the Killzone series, was back to show much more of their third-person action survival game Horizon: Zero Dawn. This much anticipated title made a huge splash at E3 at the Sony media briefing a year prior and today is no exception. his was some of the text shown with the new gameplay demo of Horizon: Zero dawn. Like its first reveal, the demo starts with a cutscene and transitions to the heroin attempting to cross a bridge with watchtower nearby. The guard manning the tower warns her of danger, but she goes anyway saying that she must go. He gives his blessing and she is on her way. For the gameplay video, be sure to check it out below:

Two things haven’t changed. The game still look lush and beautiful, but the introspective dialogue of the main heroin is also still present. Aloy still talks to herself, still clashing with the somber tone. With no change to the release date in sight, it is clear that this is how Horizon will stay for better or worse. The dialogue is still well voiced, regardless. She come across a man from Mother’s Rise – possibly another tribe. We get a better glimpse into the open-world nature of Horizon and also see some more enemy types in the form of mechanical dinosaurs. Aloy can also attack and tame select mechanical animals to use as a mount to quickly traverse the environment, which is a cool looking feature. Through scanning beasts she can see their weakness in order to form better strategies. Some monsters have pretty unique designs like one that looks be a mechanized mix between a mantis and a scorpion. She can use arrows with tethering on the to ensnare monsters. It is amazing how, as alien as this concept is, it still somehow works and feels right. In spite of tonally inappropriate dialogue from Aloy, this is still shaping up to a solid release in the way of gameplay and presentation. Horizon Zero Dawn is still set to launch on February 28, 2017 exclusively for the Playstation 4

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