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Drone Champions Game
Drone Champions Game

A New Dimension of E-sports With Drone Champions Game

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A New Dimension of E-sports With Drone Champions Game

It was announced by Swordfish PR, that drone races are the new trend sport in Europe. Being the first stop of the Drone Champions League the latest event. 40 of the world’s best drone pilots guided their racecopters along a fascinating backdrop of mountains in Reutte, Tirol at up to 140 km/h. Now the qualifiers for a real event will be starting in the virtual Drone Champions Game in 2017. This will be an opportunity for the general population to enter drone sports and feature a virtual league as a way of qualifying for the real-life event.

Check out the teaser trailer of Drone Champions Game, featuring the games’ in game visuals:

“Reality blends into the virtual world: The ultimate drone action

The company Drone Champions AG launches a new concept to expand real drone sports with a virtual counterpart in the form of a PC game – for the ultimate drone action. The Drone Champions Game allows players to experience the fascination of drone racing live from the cockpit thanks to an ultra-realistic flight simulation. “Our game is the first to blend two spheres of e-sports experience together into one: An event is supplemented by a virtual game. Both are absolutely identical. The racing game takes the sport into a new dimension of experiences, giving the community the possibility of competing in amazing drone races from their PCs – and they are just as thrilling as the real thing”, Herbert Weirather, founder of the Drone Champions League, explains. The Drone Champions Game will be free to play and available for PCs at first. Further platforms will follow. The entire action can also take place in 3D through VR goggles!

Virtual qualifier for the Drone Champions League:

Just like in the real race, participants of the Drone Champions Game compete against pilots from all over the world. They train their flying skills against a virtual backdrop to prepare and qualify for the Drone Champions League 2017. Four virtual pilots get to qualify for the real-world competition.

Drone Champions League: A trend sport conquers Europe

Under the title “Race the Ruin”, Ehrenberg Castle became a mythical backdrop for the spectacular first race of the Drone Champions League. The launch pad was crowded with an international crowd of competitors from Poland, United States of America, England, Switzerland, Latvia, Germany, Denmark, Austria and the Benelux countries. Videos of the event were broadcast around the world by a large number of sports channels. The idea came from two flight enthusiasts from Germany and Liechtenstein, respectively: Dominik Roch is a scene insider who has been racing drones from the very start; Herbert Weirather is an aviation engineer and aerobatic pilot. The international sports marketer WWP is responsible for marketing and event organisation.

The Drone Champions League is scheduled to take place in 2017 over the course of ten races.”

For more information on Drone Champions Game, visit its official website.

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