New DOOM Trailer, Closed Beta Coming

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New DOOM Trailer, Closed Beta Coming

Id is gearing up for a return to form for DOOM and has published a brand new trailer just to show us that they are not messing around. The video flaunts a glimpse at the multiplayer and it looks like it is going to be glorious. Like everything else that has been shown on this title in the past, it has the fast and frenetic pace of classic DOOM and some of that classic Quake flare. Seeing the marines using their jump jet boots to traverse the environment is a cool addition gameplay wise and looks great.

On top of this new trailer id Software has announced that a closed beta will be held for DOOM. Anyone who purchased Wolfenstein: The New Order will be eligible to try this title out in a multiplayer capacity. The beta will feature the customary Team Deathmatch, but will also actually have Warpath Mode playable. The two maps available for Warpath are Heatwave and Inferno. This closed beta will be held from March 31 to April 3 worldwide. For those who did purchase Wolfenstein: The New Order and are still curious about their eligibility, id Software has a whole section dedicated to this subject in order to fill in all the gaps.

This beta will also be showing off some items like weapons and armor types that have not been previously show, as well as the new hack modules and classic old-school FPS taunts. It will definitely be interesting to see how player both new and seasoned take this interactive appetizer to get fired up for the gory main course. DOOM’s evil is still set to be unleashed on May 13 this year for the PC, Playstation 4 and Xbox One. Judging from what has been shown thus far, it looks like the wait will be well worth it.

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