Ace Combat 7 SU Season Pass Details

New DLC Trailer For Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown Released

Three new DLC packages have been detailed by Bandai Namco for their combat flight simulator, Ace combat 7: Skies Unknown. Each pack comes with a release date,a s well as details on what to expect from each add-on.

You can check out the Season Pass trailer which includes all three upcoming DLC for Ace Combat 7 below:

Each of the new DLC will introduce a brand new aircraft, new special weapons to equip and new skins and emblems to deck out your new combat aircrafts. The ADF-11F Raven is the first aircraft to be introduced, followed by the ADF-01 Falken next, and ADFX-01 Morgan last.

You can check out the full Season Pass details from Bandai Namco below:

The ADF-11F Raven Set – arriving on May 22th 2019:

New Aircraft:

ADF-11F Raven. A manned version of the large fighter developed in Erusea. Its ADF-11 nose unit is uniquely equipped with an F-type flight unit designed for combat.

New Special weapon: UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle)

The ADF-01 FALKEN Set – arriving on June 26th 2019:

New Aircraft:

ADF-01 FALKEN. A large fighter developed by North Osea Gründer Industries. Representing the culmination of Belka’s military technology, it is highly maneuverable, capable of stealth flight and loaded with high-output lasers and fuel air explosive (FAE) bombs.

New Special weapon: FAEB (Fuel-Air Explosive Bomb)

The ADFX-01 Morgan Set – arriving on July 31st 2019:

New Aircraft:

ADFX-01 Morgan. A large, multi-role, experimental Belkan aircraft later completed by the Allied Forces. Loaded with equipment such as high-output lasers and multi-use air-burst missiles, it is an incredibly diverse fighter.

New Special weapon: MPBM (Multi-Purpose Burst Missile)

All three new aircrafts will be available for both Story and Multiplayer modes within Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown.

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