Yo-Kai Watch 4 New Details Revealed

New Details On Yo-Kai Watch 4 Revealed By Level-5

The upcoming JRPG from Level-5, Yo-Kai Watch 4: We’re Looking Up at the Same Sky, has just revealed itself with more details on the fourth world added to the game, new Yo-Kai befriending system and six more playable human characters added to the game. There seems to be plenty more added to the game to make the fourth entry in the series the biggest yet.

First off, players will be introduced to the fourth world to make its announcement in Yo-Kai Watch 4 – Yo-makai. Taking players into the world that was featured in the animated movie “Forever Friends”, this new city looks like a spectacle to explore.

Also, six new human character to control were introduced as Keita, Fumi-chan, Natsume, Touma, Akinori, and Shin. These new Watchers will be available within the battle system in Yo-Kai Watch 4, with what seems like special abilities equipped for each one.

Soulmatching – or, Konkatsu – is a new system that will be introduced in the new entry that allows players a new method of befriending certain Yo-Kai. Watchers will be introduced to a mysterious Yo-Kai, Konsaru, who will teach players the new system of befriending, and which Yo-Kai can become your ally. However, it’s stated that certain conditions must be met in order to be introduced to these specific Yo-Kai.

You can also check out the latest trailer for Yo-Kai Watch 4 below:

While there’s no specific details pertaining to a western release for Yo-Kai Watch 4: We’re Looking Up at the Same Sky has been revealed, it wouldn’t be too surprising to see the new title head over seas as previous titles in the saga have made a welcome in both NA and European regions.

Yo-Kai Watch 4: We’re Looking Up at the Same Sky is set to release on the Switch on June 6, 2019.

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